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Boca Chica

Boca Chica

Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

Boca Chica is a small Dominican Republic beach town, located just thirty miles from the capital, Santo Domingo, and less than fifteen minutes from Santo Domingo Airport (SDQ). Its location makes it a popular destination for foriegn and Dominican visitors alike.


Because it caters to many Dominicans, prices in the town are generally substantially cheaper than those in other DR resort towns such as Punta Cana and Cabarete, so it is a perfect destination for the independent traveler who has not booked an all-inclusive package trip. Boca Chica is known its long beach of soft white sand, its calm and shallow crystal clear waters (with the largest protected reef in the Caribbean), and its exuberant nightlife. It really is a hidden treasure of the Dominican Republic.

Originally founded as the center of a sugar producing region, Boca Chica’s history as a popular getaway began when dictator Rafael Trujillo had a hotel built along the beach in the 1950s. By the 1970s, Boca Chica was a popular resort town. Trujillo was attracted to the town by the long scenic beach; despite decades of development, this remains the signature feature of Boca Chica.

A 400-meter-long offshore reef in the shape of a giant half circle extends from one end of the Boca Chica beach to the other, forming a natural swimming pool of clean, warm, shallow water. The naturally calm water is the ideal place for water sports and swimming. Jet skis, kayaks, and other sports can be easily rented at hotels and water sports shops along the beach.

Many great hotels and restaurants dot the shoreline. It is a treat to eat fresh fish at one of the places overhanging the water, then dip between courses into the warm sea.

On weekends, especially Sundays, Boca Chica can be crowded because of the many beautiful visitors from Santo Domingo. Throughout the week, it remains a quiet retreat from the bustle of the city.

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