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Are you a Church Leader and wish to make a mission trip with a your church?

Are you planning a mission trip? Let Ameriwest Guest House be your home away from home. Our facility provides affordable and comfortable accommodations for missionaries and church groups. As a faith-based facility, we are committed to ensuring that our guests feel welcome and comfortable during their stay. Our mission is to provide a peaceful and rejuvenating environment that supports the needs of our guests. We welcome you to stay with us and experience the warmth and comfort of Ameriwest Guest House. we understand the challenges that come with planning a mission trip. Ideally located and cost-effective, our guest house is the perfect way to ensure that your team has comfortable, safe lodgings while you’re in town. We take pride in the cleanliness and comfort of our guesthouse, ensuring that every guest has a great experience.

The Ameri-West Indian Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering cultural exchange and collaboration between the American and West Indian communities. With a mission to celebrate and promote the rich cultural heritage of the West Indies in the United States, the organization strives to build bridges of understanding, unity, and mutual support. Through various initiatives, events, and educational programs, Ameri-West Indian Society aims to create a platform for cultural appreciation, social empowerment, and community development.

For All Major Home Appliances

  • Hospitality with Heart:** At Ameriwest Missionary Guest House we believe in the transformative power of genuine hospitality. Every guest is welcomed with warmth, sincerity, and a genuine desire to create an environment where they feel valued and cared for.

  • Faith-Centered Atmosphere:** As a faith-based facility, we strive to create an atmosphere that reflects our commitment to spiritual values. Guests will find a peaceful and sacred environment where they can explore their faith, engage in contemplation, and find solace.

Our Mission

  • We are dedicated to creating a haven of hospitality, warmth, and spiritual nourishment. Rooted in our faith-based principles, we strive to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment that embraces individuals from all walks of life.

  • Our mission is to be a sanctuary where guests can find solace, rejuvenation, and a sense of community. Inspired by our faith, we are committed to fostering an atmosphere of love, compassion, and understanding. Through heartfelt service and genuine care, we aim to create memorable experiences that go beyond mere accommodation. We seek to promote spiritual growth and well-being by offering spaces for reflection, prayer, and connection. In the spirit of our faith, we encourage unity and respect for diversity, valuing the inherent worth of each person.

  • We are to be a beacon of light, providing a respite for travelers, a place for fellowship, and an opportunity for spiritual renewal. Through our commitment to service, we aspire to embody the principles of faith, love, and hospitality, creating a lasting impact on the lives of those we welcome into our home.


Our Guest House is a great source of pride for us, and we love what we do. As a family-run business, quality with a personal touch is our number goal. Since 2022, Ameriwest GuestHouse has offered visitors a warm and friendly place to call home while they visit Boca Chica.

Here, you'll enjoy an inviting setup with plenty of space and privacy. Our roomy layout, cozy living area and delicious home-made breakfast make Ameriwest GuestHouse perfect for individuals, couples and families. Dive into local attractions, then come back to our place to relax and spend quality time resting and recharging.

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